these sweet sunnies are back… again.

by faran krentcil

Certain looks are destined for reincarnation. Grunge, "gypsy chic," and bejeweled skulls never really seem to die.  Now heart shaped sunglasses edge closer to eternal trend status with their appearance at Barneys New York.

See the $200 pair - and the controversy they caused with NYLON readers!

Lady Gaga's created a $65 pair for the holidays with an asymmetrical colorway and a UV protective coating.  Fred Flare got their $14 pink and red staples back in stock (they continuously sell out), and Urban Outfitters has a new pair with a purple violet floral pattern around the edges.

See Sienna Miller wearing heart sunnies on our August 2010 cover.

Is this the final push heart shades need to become a kooky wardrobe staple?  Or are they the "fetch" of the fashion world - fun, sure, but not going to happen?


Lady Gaga for Barney's shades, $65

Urban Outfitters floral shades, $14

Blue Moon black sunglasses, $25

Fred Flare red sunglasses, $14

Sienna Miller, August 2010