tough paste by john allan

Make your hair do what you want…

by Christian Lavery

We’ve all had those days where we wake up, hop in the shower, and as we begin to make sure we look good enough to be seen in public, our hair just won’t cooperate. It can really throw a monkey wrench into the morning routine and it goes without saying that no one likes having a bad hair day. So in order to keep them to a minimum, you’re going to need to use the right product. Our recommendation? John Allan’s Tough Fortifying Styling Paste. Not only is it good for all types of hair, but it will allow you to keep that mane of yours in place without any flaking or goopy build-up. The paste is also filled with all kinds of vitamins, so not only are you going to look good, but you’ll protect and condition your hair and scalp during the process. Buy yours HERE and your days of having to throw on a hat will be over.