These Are 8 Of The Weirdest, Yummiest Foods In NYC

    A tour of the city’s craziest eats

    by · June 24, 2016

    Photo by Alan Gastelum / Courtesy of Mona Creative

    It’s been quite a year for weird food: So far we’ve seen galaxy doughnuts, rainbow grilled cheese, sushi burritos, and more.

    Food is art, and eating is inevitably the ultimate social experience. Lately, New York City has become a breeding ground to take your taste buds on a tour—and a highly shareable tour, at that. Because after all, is there anything more Instagram-worthy, not to mention delicious, than a pizza topped with more pizza? No, we don’t think so, either.

    From bagel-inspired doughnuts to ice cream in New York’s favorite shade of black, we talked to the restauranteurs behind the summer’s hottest eats. Read about some of these bizarre combinations and innovations, below.

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