Toy As We Turn

tune out to a whirlwind of psychedelic rock.

by rachel perlman

Toy might take its name from everyone's favorite childhood pastime, but that's the only thing these guys have in common with Barbie dolls and My Little Ponies. Instead, this five-piece from Brighton is guaranteed to send you into a whirlwind of psychedelic rock with their heavy guitars and swooning vocals. Just in time for the start of their American tour and off a recent sold-out show with The Horrors, we're getting you in the mood to space out with the exclusive premiere of their video for "As We Turn." 

The video is full of technicolor floating heads, flashing lights, and kaleidoscopic imagery that will take you back to '60s era light shows and films like L'Enfer by Henri-Georges Clouzot. Bassist Panda sites early animations they'd seen as a point of reference. "Mary Ellen Bute's first color film Synchromy No.4 'Escape' from 1938 was an influence as well as some John Whitney footage. Both use unusual early techniques but achieve something otherworldly and I think that's what we wanted to try and do."

Sit back and tune out as you watch the trippy video below.

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