Toyboy And Robin Save Me Now Music Video

go ahead; everyone’s doing it

You know that saying, “dance like no one’s watching?" We’ve been inundated with it since we learned to properly listen, but how many of us actually employ it on a daily basis? Probably more than we think, but not enough to start a revolution. That is, unless said revolution uses Toyboy & Robin’s “Save Me Now feat. Sam Wills.” 

Blame it on the song’s stunning music video, but the ease of this London electronic duo’s track is infectious enough to get your bones swaying—no matter where you are. Often, the most effective kind of music video is the simplest and this one, with all its animations, is where it’s at. As for the song, well, elements of Junior Boys and garage/hip-hop come together in a summery mix here. As fate would have it, Toyboy & Robin have been waiting for the summer to release it. They told us, “We first wrote 'Save Me Now' back in winter 2014, but as with most of our music being pretty 'feel good,' this Summer was the perfect time to release it.” We could not agree more. This track is a gently turn up, but it keeps you lifted once you’re up there, spinning away.