haggle your way to contemporary art.

by liza darwin

Who knew you could trade babysitting hours for a Mick Rock photograph? Or a pair of knitted socks for a piece by Terence Koh? Believe it or not, it's possible.

Art Barter is a totally new way of selling art to the public- but it doesn't involve money. Instead of putting emphasis on cold hard cash, the organization exchanges art for things that you can't necessarily stick a price tag on, like volunteer time or homemade goods. Over the 3 day event, participants fill out a bartering slip that lists what they're willing to swap for the piece. Then, the artist selects the offer they want the most.

The only catch is that each piece is marked only by a number, not the artist, so you're not sure whose work you're getting. But then again, not knowing is half the fun.

Even though Art Barter kicks off today in New York City, we don't think it should be restricted to New Yorkers. This is one awesome idea anyone can DIY, no matter where they live.

Learn more at www.artbarter.co.uk