opening ceremony’s new line packs some major hawaiian flavor.

by liza darwin

Suno did it this season.

So did emerging Irish designer J.W. Anderson and even Amy Winehouse for Fred Perry.

If the saying "three times makes it a trend" really rings true, then the Hawaiian t-shirt fad has officially taken off.

Now Opening Ceremony's joining in with its own beachy collection of tropical goods. The retailer has teamed up with Reyn Spooner, the heritage brand famous for its '60s-inspired "Aloha" shirts, on a new collaboration of high fashion Hawaiian clothes. Along with eight long and short-sleeved shirts, Reyn Spooner for Opening Ceremony also stars two minidresses and a breezy skirt created from archival fabric.

Thanks to their decidedly non-kitschy take on the island staple, these vintage-inspired pieces are the cutest way to give your closet an injection of fruity punch...without looking like you just stepped out of a crowded tourist gift shop.

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