Troye Sivan Brought Selena Gomez + Justin Bieber Together

is it too late to keep my hands to myself?

Though Selena Gomez reuniting with Justin Bieber remains just a rumor, at least Jelena shippers have Troye Sivan to thank for bringing them together musically. The "YOUTH" singer and breakout star of 2015 mashed Gomez's "Hands To Myself" together with Bieber's "Sorry" to spectacular results.

Yes, it was filmed during Sivan's American television debut on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon earlier this month, but the web exclusive just hit the virtual airwaves. (Can't blame 'em for riding that sweet SEO wave since Gomez released the obsession-driven, semi-naughty video for "Hands To Myself" yesterday.) Sivan and his crew strip each song down to a fusion of pop and R&B—POP&B, anyone? His voice is decidedly less breathy than Gomez's and he holds a gigantic candle to Bieber's. The two songs—much like the glory days of Jelena—blend together wonderfully. It should come as no surprise that two charting pop songs riff on the same melodies and keys, but these things always seem to catch the listener off guard because when you're immersed in one, you don't think of the other. That is, unless you've got an ear like Sivan's and the drive to do so. Now, if only we could get our hands on a studio version of this track...