turn signal gloves by zackees

Become more visible…

by Christian Lavery

While the act of weaving in and out of traffic on a bicycle, a skateboard, or during a late night run may be exhilarating, once the sun goes down, it can get dangerous. But as they say, necessity is the mother of invention – just ask Zach Vorhies and Murat Ozkan, co-founders of the recently-launched Kickstarter campaign for Zackees Turn Signal Gloves.

A pair of gloves that merge tech and fashion all for the sake of safety, they make you more visible than ever before. Equipped with super bright LED lights on the back, you’ll easily be able to indicate your next move with all those you share the road with. Changing lanes? Extend your left or right hand in the proper direction. Approaching an intersection? The appropriately-placed signals take the confusion out of the situation and showcase your intentions to oncoming traffic. And as an addition to your active lifestyle, the gloves are not only durable and tough, but the turn signal electronics are protected with water proof coating allowing you to toss them in the wash after every couple of wears.

Check out the video below to see the gloves in action and head over HERE to donate and have them on your hands in the near future.