tv colours “beverly”

Q&A and new jamm with TV Colours…

by Josh Madden

As the summer haze begins to settle upon us allow some of the fuzzed out bliss of Canberra's own TV Colours fill up your head. TV Colours is the brainchild of Bobby Kill, who produces dense power chord punk that could be the perfect end credits music to your favorite early nineties teen flick. The first single off of Purple Skies, Toxic River, an album that has taken six years to to make, is entitled "Beverly". Bobby Kill continues the grand rock and roll tradition of declaring your love to that special girl. "Beverly" is a song that makes you throw your fist in the air and declare your love to the world. Check out this brief Q&A with TV Colour's own Bobby Kill.  What are some of your influences? Sonic Youth, The Replacements, Rikk Agnew, Nirvana, Husker Du, TSOL

What was your first musical memory? My first musical memories all seem to center around Tango in the Night by Fleetwood Mac. I was born in 1985 and was 2 when it was released. Back then those mega albums from the eighties had a lot of longevity as far as singles went and remember that "Seven Wonders", "Little Lies" and "Everywhere" were being played on the radio constantly for years as I was being chauffeured around to kindergarten and pre-school.

What five songs made you and still make you want to play guitar? Man five songs is a lot. Sonic Youth - "Total Trash" Big Black - "Steelworker" Christian Death - "Romeo's Distress" Nirvana - "School" Judas Priest - "You’ve Got Another Thing Coming"

Purple Skies, Toxic River is out this June on Dream Damage in Austrailia and Eighteen Records in Europe. Be sure to check out more tunes from Dream Damage's roster here.