what do we think of lena dunham’s new series?!

by ali hoffman

After months of anticipation and hype, HBO finally premiered Girls last night. And while nearly every girl we know stayed in to watch episode one, we were lucky enough to score a sneak peek of the first three early. But rather than just brag about it, we decided it's only fair we give you a gist of what's to come.

Lena Dunham first caught our attention with her debut feature Tiny Furniture, a movie she wrote, directed, and starred in.  For those who've seen it, Dunham's latest project, Girls  (which she writes, directs, and stars in) is also about a young woman dealing with a massive case of post-college malaise. The major difference between the flick and the TV show: the three other girls dealing with their own issues of what it means to be a grown-up in today's world. And while the Sex and The City is the obvious comparison when hearing of television show about four young girls living in New York City, it's safe to say Girls is pretty much the antithesis. There are no couture outfits, sex is far from glorified, and microwavable food is definitely more the norm than dinners at chichi restaurants.

On the show, Dunham is Hannah, a self-deprecating, highly opinionated girl who will likely compromise her integrity when it comes to the guys she's willing to go out with, but never when it's about taking a job she believes she's over-qualified for. Due to the raw, true-to-life nature of her writing and acting, it seems only natural for the viewer to wonder just how much of Hannah is fictional, and how much is Dunham's personal reflection of herself.  But in a sense, that's exactly where the brilliant irony of the show lies: Dunham, owing to all of the success she's attained since graduating college a few years back, could never be Hannah.

But regardless of whether it reflects Dunham's life, your own, or couldn't be further from either reality, Girls boasts an undeniable wit, a cast of very talented actors, and is unlike any other show on your DVR.

Bottom Line: We're definitely getting a season pass and we suggest you do the same.