twain button-down by staple design

Camo was made to blend in…Staple was made to stand out!!

by Josh Madden

With a closet full of our beloved camo, what's a guy supposed to do when he merges from the bedroom, ready for "Date Night" in his favorite green and brown camo blotched fits and the old ball n' chain says, "We're not going to war, we're going to a nice dinner...go change!" Thanks to Jeff Staple and the team over at Staple Design there's an answer to this quandary that will keep everyone happy.

The Twain button down with it's real-tree meet's colorful bird print is sure to match everything it's paired with. Seriously, even though it's our favorite piece from Staple's fall collection, the color scheme is all seasons ready. The good news is if you're stoked on this exclusive pattern that design crew has cooked up, there's more (the pattern shows up on half a dozen pieces in the new range). This piece is sure to brighten up your wardrobe and any room you choose to enter while wearing it. You can pick it up HERE or at Reed Space now!