While You Were Busy Watching The Super Bowl, A ‘Twin Peaks’ Teaser Dropped

It involves coffee

David Lynch is still leaving much to the imagination regarding the Twin Peaks revival. Last month, he finally announced the show’s premiere date (May 21) after leaving us in the wind for, oh, two years. Yesterday, he released another teaser that… still doesn’t give us much, but will at least get Twin Peaks fans excited.

A couple of weeks ago, it was revealed that Kyle MacLachlan will be returning as FBI agent Dale Cooper. And now there’s a montage of clips released by Showtime of the actor fawning over his beloved cup of joe. What does the short video mean? Likely nothing. At least, nothing that we can decipher. But it was apparently the network’s way of announcing that it will be playing back-to-back episodes of the first two seasons of Twin Peaks Sundays at 7pm. And you know what that means: there’s plenty of time to watch the show for first-timers, and rewatch the show for loyal devotees. 

Now, about that coffee, it’s what we could all use today after watching that game go into overtime.