Twin Peaks Real Estate

buy laura palmer’s house, for real!

It may not be the White Lodge, but Laura Palmer's house in Twin Peaks—scratch that, Everett, WA—is for sale. The home looks almost identical to what it did 25 years ago (click the link to see exactly how much). We're definitely envying the lucky future owner, who can throw Red Room-themed parties and dance around their living room to their heart's content. We just hope Bob has moved out. (Welcome To Twin Peaks)

To do list: watch Lily Allen's "URL Badman" music video, then read our interview with the self-proclaimed Sheezus here. (YouTube)

Sufjan Stevens is releasing his 2001 album Enjoy Your Rabbit on vinyl for the first time. To celebrate, the Detroit native teamed up with Geoffery Hoskinson to create an insanely trippy music video for "Year Of The Tiger." (Stereogum)

If American Apparel thought their founder Dov Charney (who was effectively kicked out of the company two weeks ago) was going down without a fight, they were wrong. Charney is launching a proxy fight to regain majority control over the company. (LA Times)

You can look forward to seeing Winona Ryder plastered all over the city as the rag & bone fall/winter poster child. (Fashion Gone Rogue)

The first Horrible Bosses 2 trailer is out and it seems like Jason Bateman, Charlie Day, and Jason Sudeikis are back and more hilarious than ever. (Deadline)