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The ‘Twin Peaks’ Theme Got A Blazed-Out Remix

It’s happening… again

Twin Peaks is an iconic show with an equally iconic theme song, or so I hear. You see, I'm watching it for the first time and I get it. I think? I think. I'm still baffled by how connected everyone is and why Laura Palmer is so goddamn special.

Anyway, it's being revived this week, which is most likely not new news to many because it's everywhere. What is new, however, is Flying Lotus' remix of the Twin Peaks theme song by Angelo Badalamenti. It's not so much a remix as it is the same song with a ton of machine gun hi-hats rat-a-tat-tat'ing beneath the melody, though. All that's missing is some air horn. If Dale Cooper wasn't such javahead, I'd say this would do well as his Diane & Chill theme. Puff, puff blaze it and walk with me, amirite?

Twin Peaks continues May 21 at 9pm EST on Showtime.