Showtime Drops New Twin Peaks Trailer Featuring Agent Cooper—Is It May Yet?

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by Lisa Eppich

Showtime just dropped yet another new trailer for the upcoming Twin Peaks revival that tells us literally nothing about what's in store for us—except, of course, that Special Agent Dale Cooper is back and looking 25 years older. If this news hasn't already kicked off your holiday weekend binge of the original series, we just don't know what to say to you anymore.

This is hardly the first teaser for the revival, which drops on May 21, though. No, we've been treated to a haunting trailer featuring Laura Palmer's theme music, David Lynch/Gordon Cole eating a doughnut, the "Man from Another Place" breaking it down on some chevron tiles, and the star-studded cast list. However, none of these sneak peeks featured Kyle MacLachlan, who returns as an aged Agent Cooper. Although this new 30-second trailer has no dialogue, watching Agent Cooper silently step out from a black screen with a completely unreadable expression on his face feels just as powerful and foreboding as every other teaser we've received so far. But, with Lynch at the helm of every episode of the revival, we really wouldn't expect anything less.

Check out the new trailer below and get ready to feel—unsettled? Excited? Both? It's weird.

(Via PaperMag)