photo courtesy of twist


song premiere: twist “slums and seaports”

the ultimate hazy, lo-fi rock track

We’ve often found ourselves dreaming up the ultimate collaborations between our favorite musicians and wondering just what these awesome pairings would sound like. Two such artists who we'd love to hear mixed up are Nancy Sinatra and Ty Segall. Thanks to Toronto band Twist’s latest track "Slums and Seaports," we will actually get the chance to hear a song with the Sinatra-Segall influence.

Twist is the musical partnership between singer Laura Hermiston and producer-slash-collaborator Brian Borcherdt (who is best known as a member of the Canadian electronic band Holy Fuck). The result is Hermiston’s hauntingly distorted voice, which soars over the duo's hazy guitars and an ‘80s drum machine that’s reminiscent of two worlds colliding. If you ask us, both Sinatra and Segall would totally approve. When to listen to this jam? While strolling the city on a lazy Sunday. 

Twist has been slowly releasing music and touring throughout the year and we seriously can’t wait to hear more.

Listen (and sway along) to the premiere of the band’s new track “Slums and Seaports” below.