twix unwrapped bites

We’re not asking what took so long, we’re just glad they’re here…

by Josh Madden

It seems the feud between left TWIX and right TWIX has come to an end, and from it, they have brought to the world TWIX UNWRAPPED BITES.moreMars inc. is home to some of the world's most popular chocolate candies and despite being on top of the game, they have found a way to re-invent these classic favorites without losing any flavor. The new Twix Bites are still jam-packed with rich caramel on a crunchy cookie and covered with milk chocolate. As a bonus, they pair incredibly with your morning coffee-- just in case you missed breakfast. The unwrapped pieces make it easy to share-- luckily[, they sent us enough packages so we didn't have to.In case you're curious what took them so long to come up with such a game-changing candy, the people at TWIX have set up a hotline you can call to hear all their excuses for the delay just dial 1-844-WHY-SO-LONG. You can also find out more on their Facebook HERE and Twitter HERE.

-words by Yung Will