two’s company

sister act the pierces answer our pop quiz and debut their new single!

by liza darwin

We first became addicted to Alabama-born sisters The Pierces way back in 2007, when they took us shopping for NYLON TV.

And after we fell in love with their Southern gothic-inflected third album,

Thirteen Tales of Love and Revenge,

we've waited patiently (er, or impatiently) for Catherine and Allison Pierce to release some new material.

Now they're finally back with a brand-new EP and a full-length album following soon after. Their new single, "Piece of You" is a strong-bodied, strummy folk-rock gem that we may or may not have already memorized- and lucky for you, we have it exclusively here! Check out our Q&A with Catherine Pierce and stream the song below:

1. You would describe

Love You More as.....Love You More is a bit of an introduction to our forthcoming album, You & I. The songs all sound really beautiful and uplifting but some the lyrics are kind of ominous, exploring lost love and human mortality.  We were trying to find a balance between dark and light.

2. It's different from your prior albums because...We had a clearer vision for these songs.  Our other albums have been about finding our sound and experimentation.  This one is more focused.

3. Your favorite song off Love You More is.... I love "We Are Stars."  It's really dreamy and beautiful and it's about desire and laying yourself bare to someone.

4. Your most memorable show/performance is....We played a great show at Bardot in LA.  It's a really amazing little venue and everyone there was just so happy and positive...guess it's all that sunshine.

5. If you could put your songs in any movie, it would be...Hmmm...maybe an old French film from the 60s?  Or a Quentin Tarantino film.

6. On the weekends, we can find you....If we aren't on the road then you'd find me in bed as long as possible...not sleeping, just lounging, reading, or on the computer.  Then wandering around NYC if the weather is nice.  Then dinner, cocktails, and back to bed!

Stream "Piece of You" here!