Tyler, The Creator Has Blessed Us With A Spirited Remix of Zayn’s “Pillowtalk”

Complete with a fun video

Last August, way before anyone heard Zayn Malik's solo music, Tyler, The Creator reached out to the former One Directioner looking to collaborate. "I HAVE BEAUTIFUL INSTRUMENTALS AND YOU HAVE A VOICE LETS FIGURE THIS OUT MY GUY," he wrote to Malik on Twitter. "EPIC ALBUM CUTS THO NO RADIO SINGLES." Zayn, who at the time was in desperate need of some edge, was totally down. The collaboration never happened (Zayn flaked out, according to Tyler), so Tyler, not bothering to give any fucks, went ahead and remixed Zayn's debut single "Pillowtalk."

The former Odd Future ringleader transformed Zayn's sinewy slow burn into a peppy synth jam with the help of some twinkling keyboards and a trusty drum machine. To go along with the song, Tyler recorded what might be the most relatable music video of all time—him alone in a room, lip-synching to the track like no one's watching, except everyone is. Tyler explained his methodology over Twitter.

Watch the full video, above.