The 10 Types Of People You Meet Going Home For The Holidays

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    by · November 24, 2015

    Illustration by Liz Riccardi

    There comes a time in (mostly) everyone’s life when they must venture to their hometown. Some hold out for their high school’s 10-year anniversary, others shrug and treat the holidays like a mini reunion. Depending on how you fared growing up, the occasion can be a joyous one or one that elicits many an eye-roll, sarcastic shrug, and the occasional “Hey…you…” It’s an exercise in patience, modesty, and virtue, really. You thought you’d never see some of these people again when you graduated, but ’lo, here they are, looking the way they do. We can’t tell you how you should react, but we can tell you who you will meet. They’re the archetypal characters lampooned in raunchy teen movies and smartly written adult comedies. Hell, you’re bound to meet a few when you turn on those good, ’ol family holiday movies, too.

    Your life is not a movie, but the following 10 kinds of folks make it seem like one.

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