photos via getty images / collage by liz riccardi


75 songs for your awesome, alternative halloween playlist

totally spooky, totally out there

by nylon

If you ask us, Halloween is for dressing up, conducting seances, playing "Light as a feather, stiff as a board," and breaking out the old Ouija board. We've already got you covered on the costumes, here's a rad candle to help you conjure the spirits, and now we're getting you set with the ultimate alternative Halloween playlist (because nothing gets the ghosts riled up quite like a good Bowie song). Filled with the best spooky jams from Sonic Youth, The Misfits, Kate Bush, Roky Erickson, and a whole lot of The Cramps, plus a dozen of your favorite classic bands and musicians, this soundtrack is by far the most epic compilation of All Hallow's Eve songs ever. Seriously. If your guests aren't dancing like mad to these jams, it just might be time to find new friends...