‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’ Takes On White Privilege In New Trailer

Interesting given Tina Fey’s history

This season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt will be its last. So, before leaving, the show is tackling some current topics, like sexual harassment in the workplace and white privilege.

Deciding it’s finally time to grow up, Schmidt starts a nine-to-five job as the HR manager for startup Giztoob. The main goal for our favorite mole person is “keeping things fun,” which we see her doing in the first scene as she sings a rendition of Rebecca Black’s “Friday,” which she insists she made up. But things turn sour when she’s tasked with firing one of the coders. “I never want to make people feel sad,” she says. “I’m not an Eeyore, I’m a Pooh. I’m a big ol’ Pooh.” Then, one of her coworkers files a sexual harassment complaint… against her because she dropped her pants in front of him.

The show will also take on white privilege in a very Kimmy Schmidt manner. In one scene, Schmidt enters a nail salon in a white coat and fur scarf, demanding, “Am I to wait all day?! I’m extremely white over here.” The show is a comedy, so the topic is naturally going to be approached with humor, but some might say co-creator Tina Fey isn’t the best person to riff about white privilege, given her history with it. The comedian has been called out in the past for her ignorant remarks (most recently when she showed up on SNL in the wake of the Charlottesville rallies and suggested people eat cake instead of protesting Nazis) and the way she portrays certain groups of people in her shows. It seems, for Fey, the best way to tackle a serious issue is throwing a joke at it!

Meanwhile, back to this season, Titus is still trying to break into the New York entertainment world, now with Jacqueline as his agent (doesn’t look like that’s a good thing). Busy Phillips, Amy Sedaris, and Aidy Bryant are also set to guest star.

Watch the trailer below.