Unwrapped: Last Second Drugstore Gifts

No one has to know

It's December 23. By now, you should have completed all of your Christmas shopping and be deep into the wrapping process. But if you're a procrastinator of the extreme variety and prefer to do your gift purchasing haphazardly and at the very last second, then may we suggest hitting up a drugstore near you? Whether it’s a Walgreens or a Duane Reade or a CVS, these emporiums have something for everyone, and if you head down enough aisles, you’re likely to find a potential gift that’s as unexpected as it is ideal. Here are some suggestions to help you along the way.

Sharper Image, motion activated candy dispenser, price varies per store, available at Duane Reade

A futuristic update on a childhood classic. Granted, part of the charm of these candy machines is popping in a coin and turning the handle, but this is the age of automation, people. Motion detecting sensors are where it's at. 

CarbWatchers, lean body shake powder, $64.99, available at Walgreens

Give this vanilla milkshake-flavored meal replacement powder to your carb-conscious friend with a wink, but know that deep down they'll be thanking you. 

Easy Eggwich, egg cooker, $9.99, available at Duane Reade

At some point, everyone's tried to make their own Egg McMuffin and have failed miserably. The problem was usally the egg. You could never quite get in that perfectly round puck-like shape. Well, problem solved. 

Stamina InMotion, E1000 elliptical trainer, $110.99, available at Duane ReadeDrugstore or no drugstore, a portable ellipitcal machine is a great and thoughtful gift, full stop.

Me! Bath, Hawaiian Lei Shower Sherbet exfoliating sugar scrub, $22.99, WalgreensEverything about this exfoliating scrub is simply a delight. Just look at the wording: Hawaiian, sherbet, sugar, bath. Did we mention it comes in an ice cream pint? Try not to eat it. 

Nature's Bounty, odorless fish oil gel tablets, $37.99, available at Duane ReadeThe benfits of fish oil are well documented. Omega 3 fatty acids help to lower the risk of heart disease and to maintain triglyceride levels (trust us, that's a good thing). The recipient of this gift will now think of you every time they wake up in the morning and swallow a softgel filled with oil from a fish.

Slice of Life, energy + b12 adult gummy vitamins, $19.99, available at Walgreens

For the health-conscious candy fiend. It can be a challenge maintaining a regular vitamin routine, but when your vitamins come in the form of berry-flavored gummy bears, that shouldn't be a problem. 

Philips, Sonicare Series 2 electric toothbrush, $39.99, available at Walgreens

Any dentist worth their fluoride will advocate for electric toothbrushes in order to achieve peak oral hygiene. This little soldier from Philips is sturdy, simple, and reliable—a classic.

Slushy Magic Max, shaker, $12.99, available at Walgreens

DIY slush seems like a fun, kitschy activity that if done right will give you and a friend memories to last a lifetime. All it takes are something called Magic Freezer Cubes, your favorite beverage, a good shake, and presto. 7-Eleven's days are numbered.  

Veggetti, spiral vegetable slicer, priced per store, available at WalgreensPro tip: You can eat pasta without actually loading up on carbs. The secret is making spaghetti out of squash, and this efficient little gadget will make doing that super easy and dare we say fun. Also works with carrots, cucumbers, and potatoes.

Wai Lana, green eco mat, $59.99, available at Walgreens

If someone's into yoga, there's a chance they give at least a tiny damn about the environment. Kill two birds with this super woke mat that happens to be recyclable and ecologically degradable.

Wet n Wild, holiday 2016 beauty book makeup set, $15.00, availabe at Duane Reade

When it comes to eyeshadow, choice is important, which is why the power of 78 different eyeshadow shades in one set cannot be underestimated. 

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