first look: urban renewal x anchal

do good. look good.

by rebecca willa davis

In the venn diagram of dressing, there's the circle for looking good and the circle for feeling good. The spot they overlap? That's right where we'd place Urban Renewal x Anchal.

The new collab takes our fave grab-something-old-and-make-it-new brand (you may know it as the label you always buy when you're shopping at Urban Outfitters) and a really cool non-profit--namely, Anchal. The organization educates and trains sex workers in India, teaching them to sew quilts and pillows out of old saris. The program is all about empowerment, but Urban Renewal saw something else: really cool products. They met, they talked, and the end result is a capsule collection of cool girl closet staples--think moto jackets and denim cut-offs--with these quilted sari accents added on.

The best part? Not how much we love these pieces--though seriously, that corseted dress is the sort of thing we'd wear year-round--but rather, the fact that you're helping women in need just by getting dressed in the morning.

The entire Urban Renewal x Anchal collection hits stores on October 20, but you can order them right now online. Consider it your good deed of the day.