This Lingerie Brand Is All About Inclusivity

And the pieces are handmade

Next to jeans, lingerie is probably the most annoying item of clothing to shop for, not to mention take care of. If your cup size is between the A and D range, your experience is likely less frustrating than those who make up the rest of the alphabet. Lingerie brand Uye Surana is here to combat that problem.

Based and manufactured in New York City, Uye Surana is a brand dedicated to inclusivity and comfort. From the models chosen to show off the lingerie down to the wide range of sizes offered (40 total), designer Monica Wesley is all about providing beautiful styles for all women. Design-wise, she draws inspiration from natural elements, flowers, and crystals, which result in both romantic and modern bras, bralettes, panties, and more.

We stopped by the brand’s headquarters where Wesley expanded on the brand’s mission and showed us around the studio. Hear what she had to say above and head over to Uye Surana’s site to see the selection for yourself. Valentine's Day or not, these pieces are worth investing in.