13 all-natural vegan beauty buys you can feel good about

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    by · June 14, 2015

    The world of cosmetics can be incredibly tricky to navigate—especially for anyone who’s sticking to a plant-based lifestyle. From mile-long ingredient lists to brands who aren’t completely straightforward about their suppliers, it can be hard to figure out the ethical background your favorite lipstick or mascara du jour. Luckily, there are loads of wonderful small-batch beauty brands out there doing noble work to keep their products natural and cruelty-free.

    Whether you’re a passionate, nutritional-yeast-loving vegan, or you just don’t like the idea of supporting cosmetics companies that still test on animals (because yes, that’s somehow actually still a thing), options grow by the day for beauty products that are all-natural, plant-based, and cruelty-free—and a lot of them are actually way more nourishing than your run-of-the-mill mainstream products. (Besides, who really wants bugs in their lipstick? Not on our watch.)

    Click through for the thirteen great beauty products that you can spring for, while still being able to look your pet bunny in the eye.

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