discuss: veronica mars trailer

we smell a love triangle…

by liza darwin

The second Veronica Mars movie trailer has officially dropped--and just like last time, it's part teaser and part behind-the-scenes scoop. But unlike the last one, this four-minute video is instead about the love triangle that ensues between Veronica, Logan, and Piz.

So let's set the scene: at the beginning of the clip  we learn that V is still dating Piz (!!), which explains part of the reason she's back for the Neptune High reunion. And Logan (in true bad boy fashion) is accused of murder, so Veronica has a couple of major problems on her hands. However, as we learn below, deciding between the two boys is clearly at the top of her mind. After all, even badasses like Veronica have to deal with the question of guys with amazing chemistry versus boyfriends who seem good on paper. 

Watch the trailer below, and tell us: Team Logan or Team Piz?!