Victoria’s Secret Angels Tell Us Their Hair Removal Routines

yup, we went there

As you sit down this evening in front of the TV to watch some of the most beautiful women in the world wear ridiculous things attached to their backs, you'll be faced with a lot of questions: How can they walk in those shoes? Are those wings heavy and cumbersome? And, perhaps most importantly, what sort of sado-masochistic rituals are required to remove all of the hair from their bodies? 

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Well, fortunately for you, we went there. Because, as women who are watching other women in a state of undress, we suddenly flash back to that scary realization the first time you put on a swimsuit each season, which is, crap, when was the last time I got waxed? And then, take that momentary panic and multiply it by 30 supermodels and numerous high-definition cameras aimed at their bodies. Having one tiny hair out of place is simply not an option. So, we asked them: Does the VS Show require any sort of hair removal committments? Are there 42 beauticians slaving over pots of melted wax hidden backstage? Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and more share exactly what hair they had to remove in order to get ready for tonight's extravaganza.