Victoria’s Secret Is Under Fire For A Photoshop Controversy

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    by · October 07, 2015

    Photo courtesy of Victoria’s Secret Facebook

    Fire up your outrage machines! The Internet—or at least the section of the Internet that loves getting worked up about things that will be forgotten tomorrow—have gotten their panties in a bunch (pun intended!) because of a botched Photoshop job on a Victoria’s Secret ad that was posted to the company’s Facebook page. The offending ad features a Victoria’s Secret model with her back facing the camera, wearing just a pair of panties and awash in lazy airburshing.

    We admit the idea of making a Victoria’s Secret model look skinnier than she already is counts as lazy at best, and something far more insiduous at worst. But to get all riled up because a company like Victoria’s Secret—which has built its empire on deeply unrealistic beauty standards—for distributing more images of deeply unrealistic beauty, seems a bit redundant. If anything, we should all laugh at how shitty they are at Photoshop.

    (via Complex)

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