victory “kickers”

Don’t know how we missed this, but we’re glad we found it…

by Josh Madden

Sometimes we get e-mails about bands or videos or songs or well...just stuff in general. So then we go searching for information on said band or song whatever it may be and we find something awesome that we may have missed. In this case the band is Victory, the song is "Kickers", and though it came out a while ago we're cool with admitting we just discovered it and we like it. This band is not the heavy metal band from Hanover, Germany from the '80s--rather, this Victory is from Los Angeles, California from the right now.

"Kickers" is a sunny little number that has a That Thing You Do vibe and the DIY feel of the video is a perfect fit. Honestly, we can't imagine more fitting visual for this jam, the simplicity and the style feel entirely comparable to song. Something about this whole deal has us riding an early '00s Phantom Planet kind of wave in the best way possible. The good new is we're going to see this dude in October and you can too--just check out dates right over HERE. And for more Victory jams just click HERE, trust us when we say it's good!