pac man makes another notebook for moleskine - nom nom nom!

by faran krentcil

Oh Moleskine, how you thrill us!

First you make Snoopy notebooks, then you make Marc Jacobs and Star Wars ones. And now you've made a yellow 2012 diary devoted to the retro arcade emperor, Pac Man.

See the Marc Jacobs Moleskine.

Okay, this isn't the first time you've stamped your pages with pixelated cherries and lonely staring ghosts.  Last year's Pac Man day planners were pretty cute, too.

See Giles Deacon's Miss Pac Man fashion show.

But we like these even more because they come with stickers (stickers!!!), they have a more subtle black-covered option, and there's a free address book inside that's stamped with pink and blue marshmallow villains and retro "chomp chomp" dots.

See Catherine Holstein's Mario Brothers fashion show.

The book's about $17 online and in select bookstores - more expensive than the $1 we used to spend on actual Pac Man games, but still worth it - especially since the irony of merging a "vintage" tech icon with good old-fashioned paper is really fun.

(This is normally where we'd make a "high score" pun, but eh -- you get it.)

Moleskine Pac Man 2012 diary, available on