Big Data Wants You To Know That You Are Being Watched

but that’s okay, because: dance music.

This may be a bit dating, but there is this one scene in Kathryn Bigelow's cyberpunk cult classic "Strange Days" where, after the film's "playback" technology spirals out of control, Tom Sizemore's character tells Ralph Fiennes, "The issue's not whether you're paranoid, Lenny, I mean look at this shit, the issue is whether you're paranoid



Thus, here is the sentiment of

Big Data's

amazing ode to the Internet, "Dangerous." Yes, this is a lyric video (which normally makes drowsy or fairly uncomfortable) on steroids, demonstrating exactly how much social media and the web is like a determined, obsessive lover who follows you around. Which would be highly unsettling, if it didn't have a sing-along-worthy hook and an LCD Soundsystem-like ability to pair live bass with disco drums for a roiling, building jam. Yes, "they" 


watching you, which is a shame, because it sounds so good.