Video Premiere: Cold War Kids “Hot Coals”

so many colors.

If it seems like your iPod cannot and has never been able to function without at least two Cold War Kids albums, well, you're not alone. The Cali-based band has offered a steady rotation of anytime jams since the mid-aughts, providing the iPod-wielding, first-generation blogging public with obligatory badass tunes. With five albums under their belt, it seems like the blues-inspired indie rock group has focused their efforts on revitalizing live-music experiences. They've been a main presence on the festival circuit for the past few years and have been playing venues across the U.S. for months. So it's only fitting that the five-piece would revolve their new music video, for Hold My Home's "Hot Coals," around the touring process. 

The technicolor video features layered clips from their performances with backstage vignettes. "Our good buddy Vern Moen shot this video at a home show at The Regent Theater in L.A. and captured the colors and mood of the song," says the band. In a way, it's like watching the group rock out to the energetic, beat-driven, pop-infused song live—if you just so happen to be on a few hallucinogenic drugs. 

You can catch Cold War Kids on their North American tour and at Sweetwater 420 Festival in Atlanta, Big Guava Festival, & Hangout Festival, Firefly, Forecastle & the Wayhome Festivals this summer.