Watch the Luminous Video For London Duo EKKAH’s “Small Talk”

premiering right here

It began in math class in Birmingham, where Rebekah Pennington and Rebecca Wilson met and became friends. In 2006, they joined the The Arcadian Kicks, and after spending five years honing their musical gifts in that indie rock band, it broke up, leaving the girls crushed. But instead of getting day jobs, they formed EKKAH instead, a departure from their rock roots into more danceable, synth-laced terrirtory. A perfect example of that is the duo’s video for “Small Talk,” which we’re premiering here, and follows their Last Chance To Dance EP, released last year. The clip features the girls in full on glam mode, having what looks like the time of their lives, in a room lit up by all sorts of technicolor neon signage. Basically, it’s a rad party, and this is your invite. Watch it above.