Video Premiere: Generationals “Gold Silver Diamond”

space jams.

If you're into poppy electro beats, airy vocals, and outer space, then Generationals' new video for "Gold Silver Diamond" will propel you out of this world. Coming off their fourth studio album, Alix, the song is one part futuristic rock jam and one part indie pop beat, resulting in a totally stellar groove. Comprised of Ted Joyner and Grant Widmer, the band shows off their increasing experimentation and absolute reverie, combined with their signature tongue-in-cheek humor.

After producing their first three albums at home, Widmer and Joyner turned to Richard Swift of The Black Keys and The Shins to take the reins on turning out their latest. The result? A more mature, completely innovative record that shows the growth of the electropop duo over the past six years.

The video takes the indie band's lively tune out of the atmosphere, as a ragtag group of partying astronauts (including Workaholics' Waymond Lee) prepare to return to Earth after completing their mission. All the while, their kitschy animated spacecraft navigates through planets and stars (superimposed with Joyner and Widmer's faces). Everything goes swimmingly until a lone asteroid gets a little too friendly. It's a simultaneously whimsical and devastating episode of Star Trek, with the raddest soundtrack in the galaxy. We just can't get enough, and we wouldn't expect anything less from the cheeky NOLA rockers. Take a look yourself and get ready for a seriously celestial jam sesh.

Alix is currently available through Polyvinyl Records.