Video Premiere: Ivy & Gold “Smoke & Mirrors”

picturesque broody power electro-pop.

If you haven't found yourself familiar with British electro-pop duo Ivy & Gold yet, now's the time. Their first two EPs, Awake and Eye of the Storm, garnered them comparisions to likes of London Grammar, The Carpenters, Jessie Ware, and Kate Bush, and their upcoming EP, Smoke and Mirrors, comes complete with a more refined, powerful sound inspired by soundtrack composers Tom Tyker and Hans Zimmer. So, yeah, it's time to get acquainted. 

In the EP's title track, "Smoke & Mirrors," frontwoman Rachel Wilkinson's gliding vocals and Jamie Davies' etherial synthesized production meld to fabricate an alluring, commanding presence, only matched by its cinematographic counterpart. Directed by Christine Tynkevych and filmed by the coast of Kent and Broxbourne Woods, the video takes the song to another level, once again reminding the listener that Ivy & Gold aren't just another British synth side project. And it's refreshing.

Watch the exclusive video premiere below and mark your calendars for the EP Smoke and Mirrors release, September 15.