This Futuristic Indie Pop Song Is Actually Refreshing

and so is the video.

by priscilla bajomo

We delve into a vibrant technicolor dream in the video for Jordan Klassen's latest single "Firing Squad"—a song whose simplistic melody, honest vocals, and warm arrangement all provide a refreshing break from the over-saturated market of synth pop tracks that dominate the radio today. At its core, the single is deeply rooted in folk pop, however the song also debuts a more expansive side to the singer with its graphically vibrant video and modern production.

The more poppish nature of the song certainly illustrates a new direction in Klassen's writing. His acclaimed debut Repentance showcased a much more rootsy approach with its classic chamber folk arrangements and instrumentation. Yet while "Firing Squad" is certainly genre-fusing, the Vancouver native stays true to his classic storytelling and infectious way with words. From the full, radical arrangement to the seamless blend of haunting vocal harmonies and dynamic bursts of energy, the single proves to be eclectic, innovative, and worthy hitting that repeat button. 

Firing Squad is being released via Nevado Music with a b-side cover of HAIM’s “Falling” on November 18.