ay shawty, let me holler at you…

by rebecca willa davis

What's the best way to illustrate a song about unrequited crushing?

If you ask rapper Kitty, she'll tell you it's definitely not with feathers. "There was a chicken in a cage across the street from where we were filming [the music video for 'Ay Shawty'], and during the shoot it escaped its cage and just started clucking around on the road," remembers the red-haired lyricist, who spent two days in L.A. shooting in an abandoned zoo.

What does make it in? Very The Virigin Suicides-esque shots of Kitty walking through fields and overlays of flowers--oh yeah, and then Lakutis chilling in the slammer. "It started out a lot more elaborate--we were gonna do all this funny jail stuff," remembers Kitty, adding, "We ended up making it more simple--basically, Lakutis is a troublemaker who ends up getting me into trouble."

We won't give away what, exactly, that trouble entails--you'll have to watch to the end to see for yourself--but Kitty promises that it's ideal viewing for moments when people are "feeling crush-y."

Here's another reason to feel crush-y: We've got the exclusive premiere. Watch "Ay Shawty" below (and if you need a little Kitty catching-up, read our interview with her).

Kitty is going on tour this July--get her full list of dates right here. And get "Ay Shawty" here.