Video Premiere: Phoebe Ryan’s “Dead”

dreamy pop, dreamy video

Phoebe Ryan is two for two. The L.A.-based singer's very first track was a piece of sugary dream-pop called "Mine," and it showcased the 24-year-old's knack for breathy vocals and grabby hooks. Her second single, "Dead," which premiered last month, is more of the same—a polished, '90s-influenced pop song with a transcendent chorus.

Here, we're premiering the song's video, a surreal clip that Ryan explains made sense for a song that, despite its morbid title, is actually about life being too good to be true. "Dead is about having an awesome life and feeling like you don't deserve it," she says. "I didn't want to shoot a video for it that was too literal. I liked the idea of it feeling really dreamy and weird. I also love birds and we got to rent this amazing cockatoo for the day which was the best thing ever."

Watch it below.