Video Premiere: The History of Apple Pie “Jamais Vu”

wes anderson meets jean-luc godard.

A forest, a brightly colored 1960s-inspired wardrobe, and some whimsical animation are what transform indie-rock band The History of Apple Pie's latest video, "Jamais Vu"—a bit of a cinematic wonder. Airy-light vocals contrast with a steady bass and grooving melody to make one chimerical track, and with the London-based band releasing their sophomore studio album tomorrow, titled Feel Something, this video gives just one sweet taste of what the group has in store.

Formed just three years ago, The History of Apple Pie is based around the songwriting talents of Stephanie Min and Jerome Watson, partnered with the backup instrumentals of James Thomas, Aslam Ghauri, and newcomer Joanna Curwood. A mixture of classic rock vibes and retro-cool quirkiness gives their music a rose-colored tint, and their latest music video captures their essence perfectly.

Inspired by his favorite films by French New Wave legend Jean-Luc Godard and indie darling Wes Anderson, director Alistair Redding wanted to showcase the band's playful vibe in the video. "I decided that Godard’s Weekend was perfect as its bright colour palette and sophisticated styling juxtaposed with violence and conflict were compatible with the lyrics and feel of the song," he says. "Looking at contemporary films I felt that Wes Anderson’s Rushmore was a great visual companion to Weekend and the two films worked well together as guides for shooting style, composition and styling of the video."

As the band members stalk each other through a quaint forest and challenge each other to a play fight, the video ends with a sense of whimsy and charm, with just a subtle tinge of conflict, making for a perfectly balanced scene. Check it out for yourself below.

Feel Something will be released tomorrow. Stream it now on Pitchfork.