Video Premiere: The Order of Life and Death - “lucifer’s eyes”

hello, hypnotic desert hallucinations.

It's not every day that we hook you up a musician who is so new that you probably won't even be able to find him on the Internet. Which is exactly why you'll have to trust us when we say UK musician Dan Smith's debut track as T.O.L.D. (The Order of Life and Death) is just that good. Lucky for you, we've got the exclusive video for "Lucifer's Eyes" below, which will bring back memories of all those times you've hallucinated while being stranded in the desert...

OK--so maybe, that's never actually happened to you. But somehow this electronic track makes the feeling familiar while almost hypnotizing you to travel to a place that might not even exist.

Right now, with seemingly no internet presence, it feels quite the same for T.O.L.D., but with a song and accompanying video that can basically instantly put you into a trance, we're thinking that it won't be that way forever.