Video Premiere: Thomston’s ‘Collarbones’

new zealand’s next great pop hope

It's hard to read about Thomston without also reading about Lorde, but that has less to do with similarities in their sound and more to do with where they come from. Like Lorde, Thomston is from New Zealand, and because of that, every single thing written about him on the Internet immediately compares him to the "Royals" singer. It helps that he's only 19 and that they share a manager.

The first single off Thomston's upcoming Backbone EP is called "Collarbones," and it's a deeply personal, modern ballad that showcases his profound gifts as a singer and songwriter. He's gone on record saying the song is basically him reaching out to a friend with an eating disorder, and in that context lyrics like, "You're holding it in, you say you're okay, and I believe you" are flat-out devastating. The video, which we're premiering here, sees Thomston shrouded by a creeping darkness that threatens to swallow everything whole. The video's final image, as Thomston sings, "I can see your collarbones and baby I'm scared, Never thought I'd be so unprepared," is a gut punch. Watch it below.