editor’s pick: stone cold fox

every babe needs some wild earrings.

My favorite outfits are always the ones that don't match. Anyone can pair a cerulean sweater with cerulean socks, but it takes a sense of style and a side of guts to wear that cerulean sweater with gold socks, or those gold socks with a lavender tee. I've always been fascinated, though, by people who can pull off wearing different earrings on each ear, because I surely don't feel cool when I have a skull stud on my left lobe and a dangly cross on my right--but I have seen it done, and I've seen it done really right.  

So I decided that now was definitely the time to take the risk, because if not now, then when!? In my walk on the wild side hunting for the ultimate pair of mismatched earrings, I came across trolls with different colored hair (electric pink for the left, electric green for the right) and a stormy night sky scene (dangly stars on the left and one long lightning bolt for the right). Yet none of them felt interesting enough--at least not as interesting as gold socks and a lavender tee--until I came across these Vinca USA fox earrings. What does the fox say? Get these ear Ring-ding-ding-ding-dingeringedings!--sorry, I had to go there.  

Now, let's imagine wearing them with this tee, these leggings, metallic platform shoes, this lipstick, and hair parted waaaay over to one side. If you ask me, that's an outfit pulled from a mismatched-stone-cold fox's closet for sure and I think I need to get all of it right now. So get like me, go heads and tails, and shop the Vinca USA fox earrings here, because not matching is totally cool.