Video Premiere: Von Grey, “Katie”

a moving video for an awesome song

Domestic violence in same-sex relationships isn't something that's really talked about. After all, LGBTQ couples face discrimination that questions their very right to exist—so abuse within those relationships tends to get pushed to the back burner. Von Grey, an all-sister indie-alt band, is shedding light on the complexity of domestic violence in a lesbian couple with the video for their song "Katie," premiering here. 

Through an interpretive dance that fluctuates between the abstract and the disturbingly literal, the video demonstrates how an abusive relationship is multi-faceted. "We wanted to handle the topic in a way that allowed us to show how detrimental domestic violence is while also reminding the viewer that there can still be intimate romantic moments that manipulate the abused into staying. Even when they know they shouldn't," Annika von Grey tells us. 

Though the band doesn't appear in the video, their presence is felt: The intimacy of the song, through its lyrics and urgent melody, is tied thoroughly to the choreography. It's painful to watch, especially if you've ever been in an abusive relationship, but that's why work like this is so crucial. 

Von Grey's new EP, Panophobia, comes out on August 14.