waffle taco by taco bell

There will be breakfast envy…

by Josh Madden

Waffle Taco by Taco Bell

For all of us here at Nylon Guys,

Taco Bell

has been a staple in our diets at one point (some of us are at that point currently) and now they're bring us "The next generation of breakfast."


Before today, the closest to having breakfast at Taco Bell was that 4 am craving before going to bed and we never dreamed a waffle taco would exists. This is now a reality, and to be honest, it's delicious. Syrupy waffle-filled with savory eggs, cheese and bacon or sausage? It's impossible to put those ingredients together and it not be good.We know the struggle can be real to get to any restauarant during breakfast hours, but for a waffle taco, it's worth getting out of bed. Once you have one go thank Taco Bell for creating such a tasty breakfast dream on Twitter


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.-words & photos by Yung Will