Watch Incredible Footage of Amy Winehouse Recording “Back to Black”

from the new doc ‘amy’

Everyone is talking about the new Amy Winehouse documentary, Amy, and with footage like this it's easy to see why. Somehow, director Asif Kapadia managed to get his hands on stunning footage of Winehouse in the studio with Mark Ronson back in 2006, as they recorded the title track of her breakout album, Back to Black.

"That came to us purely by chance," Kapadia told Rolling Stone. "We heard a rumor that someone was filming during the session, and we eventually found it."

The clip shows Winehouse in a dingy-looking corner recording booth, singing the lyrics to "Back to Black"—which she apparently wrote in an hour after hearing Ronson's melody—as Ronson looks on, probably in disbelief at her raw talent. "It was just one of those serendipitous things. I just caught her at that magic moment, and she was just ready to get it going," he says in the clip. "That's why I couldn't understand what everyone else was saying about this procrastinating, troubled artist."

Unfortunately, everyone else was right, as Amy covers Winehouse's downfall in heartbreaking detail through mostly archival footage. It hits theaters this Friday.