Watch the Trailer For ‘Eden,’ The First Great EDM Movie

which boasts the rise of daft punk as a subplot

Despite the fact that EDM—or whatever you prefer to call the variety of dance music that grew out of the ‘90s rave scene—has been bursting out of speakers across the globe for a generation, its history has never quite made it to the big screen. Sure, there was the very personal, less than historical It’s All Gone Pete Tong and several handfuls of documentaries that captured the scene. Yet there’s been no true La Bamba, no Ray, no Coal Miner’s Daughter, no Sid and Nancy for those guys behind the turntables—and this despite the presence of the kind of sex, drugs, and heavy bass that audiences treasure.

With the U.S. release of French director Mia Hansen-Løve’s Eden, though, we may have a shot at a corrective. Based on the story of her own DJ brother, Hansen-Løve’s film takes us from the early, underground days of the genre—when it was considered an offshoot of disco—through to EDM’s international rise. Along with ups and drug-induced downs of the fictionalized main character, Eden charts the evolution of Daft Punk from two shaggy haired kids behind the decks to the internationally beloved robots we all know and love. Naturally, colorful visuals, moments of excess, and thumping music mark the way. Sounds just about right to us.

Eden, which has gotten solid reviews in France, opens in L.A. and New York in June.