water work

h&m’s new outfits are cute and charitable.

by faran krentcil

Shopping at H&M is a fashion no-brainer: The stuff is cheap, on-trend, and lasts a surprisingly long time. (True story: we're still wearing our Stella McCartney x H&M denim skirt from 2006).

And just like their Fashion Fights AIDS collection sends proceeds to a great cause, their latest summer line, called WaterAid, helps the charity of the same name clean and protect oceans and rivers around the world.

Since starting the project nine years ago, H&M has raised over $2 million for the cause.  This latest line, which launches internationally on May 26, will send even more money to wildlife reservoirs - but it'll also send new stuff to your closet.

Check out WaterAid's website to learn how to get involved.