Wes Anderson Compilation Album

you need this compilation album of songs from wes anderson movies.

by steff yotka

Welcome to the best Wednesday ever. Why? Because this Wednesday comes with the news that American Laundromat Records is releasing a two CD set of covers of songs from every Wes Anderson film. (Start the dance party now!)

Called I Saved Latin! the album includes covers of all the songs you love from Bottle Rocket to Moonrise Kingdom. We're talking about Nico's "These Days" (AKA the Margot Tenenbaum bus song from The Royal Tenenbaums) by Matt Pond, The Kinks' "This Time Tomorrow" (from The Darjeeling Limited) by Telekinesis, and John Lennon's "Oh Yoko!" (from Rushmore) by The Ghost in You. 

So yes, you should preorder your copy of the album right this very second here and start the countdown to its May 13 release. Perhaps the best part is that with the deluxe edition you'll also get a vinyl single, five Wes Anderson-themed buttons, a Max Fischer business card, two T-shirts, a red knit beanie (Team Zissou for life!), two Rushmore-inspired lapel pins, a Team Zissou decal, a Moonrise Kingdom-inspired badge, a Fantastic Mr. Fox-inspired magnet, and you'll get all this one week earlier than the rest of the regulars who opted for the standard edition. We think it's worth the splurge for the Max Fischer business card alone, really. 

And to help you get in the Wes Anderson mood, we compiled some of our favorite Anderson movie tunes below, so you can relive the wonders of a slow-motion Margot Tenenbaum walking up to Richie at the bus stop over and over again.